Oh the fun we had with Avatars

We (meaning my great class, my co-teacher and me) have just had a great time in our IT creating Avatars.  The kids loved it and worked so hard to find something that represented them.

I used information I found under the following post by Miss W.


to being my list and put it on our class website for the students to access.  After a few minutes of investigation the girls decided that they did not think that Hogwarts for girls or the Adventurer for girls was appropriate for their ages of 8 and 9.  We took them off of our class website.  It was so much fun to watch them create and to help each other out.  Super Heros, Bless this Chick, the Wimpy Kid and Mess Dudes were the favourite ones.

Each student made two avatars with different programs and we learned how to save them on the computers under the proper file so they can be accessed when we need them after the holiday.  We were also able to spend a bit of time discussing how to change the names of a what they had saved so it made sense to them plus the importance of using the proper suffix such as .jpg.

There were a few rules to follow such as the avatar should represent the student and the likes.  When it came to the Super Hero site I did a bit of editing on what the super heros were allowed to hold in their hands so everyone ended up with the light saber.  I did not want any snakes or killing weapons.

Ms. Ren, my Chinese co-teacher, was hard at work finding sites in Chinese that she could use to help develop language for her students.

I learned a lot and had so much fun listening to the students as they chatted away to each other and all of the laughter that kept erupting when they did something silly.  As always watching and listening to them help each other was the best part.

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  2. Heather, I too am impressed that you posted an avatar entry for yourself and then you went right out and had a session with your students. You are inspiring! I’m moving a little slower on my kids’ blogs.
    Dare to Care
    On Twitter: @mrsdkrebs

  3. Hi Anne,

    The most popular seemed to the Wimpy Kid as that is a really popular book series with my class. Both boys and girls liked that one. The other two were Heroes for the boys and Bless this Chick for my girls. They are really excited about using them so I am setting up Voice Thread for them. After Chinese New Year we will start looking at blogging though it is a bit of a problem because we have to use a VPN to get any blog site. It is possible to blog in my classroom though as I control the VPN so that may be the direction that we go. I like what I see on Edublogs. What do you use??

  4. Hi Heather, how fantastic that you have now used what you are learning from the challenge with your students and that you also merged it with another subject are – Chinese. Did you see the portrait maker that I suggested. That actually has a Chinese version. What was the reaction of the students? Did they prefer one tool over another?

  5. Miss W,

    So nice to hear from you. My girls felt that with the body, which is that of a mature, well developed girl, in “her underwear” as they put it embarrassed them while they were working on it. They didn’t want the boys anywhere around. After a discussion they made the decision. Based on that I would probably have to say that it probably is not suitable for students under 10. They actually had a lot more fun with some of the other ones you listed.

    Thank you so much for the list. It really gave me a place to start with them.


  6. Heather and class,
    So glad you found the avatar sites useful.

    Do you think I should include on my list the fact that those two websites are not suitable for students under 10 years?

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